lunes, agosto 29, 2005

Skilled Migration Expos

Skilled Migration Expos: "A series of Expos are being held to help fill Australian job vacancies that exist due to skill shortages in Australia.

These Expos will target job vacancies for people with recognised qualifications and/or work experience in an occupation on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.

Skilled people interested in migrating to Australia will be able to meet Australian employers and State/Territory Governments experiencing skill shortages.

Who should participate or attend?

You could benefit from participating if you are:

An employer or State/Territory Government with skill shortages and would like to meet young skilled workers wanting to move to Australia.

A skilled worker interested in migrating to Australia, with qualifications and/or relevant work experience. "

lunes, agosto 22, 2005

Vancouver-Canada, Vs Sydney-Australia

Esta opinion fue publicada en un Foro cuando le preguntaron a alguien sobre Canada Vs Australia. Esta persona ha vivido en los dos paises:

"Vancouver could learn a lot from Sydney and its ferry system. If Canada Place was developed like Circular Quay, as a central dock for commuter ferries, you'd be able to take a fast ferry from Port Moody, Dundarave, Point Grey or wherever to connect with buses and trains. Don't turn the defunct fast ferries into casinos! Modify them so they can be used as quick, high volume passenger ferries to circumnavigate the lower mainland's clogged roads. Vancouver has been been transit challenged ever since GM screwed the city out of its tram/train system in the 50s. To this end, Sydney rules.

Australian cities generally seem to have a more enlightened approach to public transit than Canada do. Probably because they're not next door to the world's biggest auto-driven society. Sydney has the ferries, Melbourne its trams and Adelaide has its 'Adelaide OBahn, a unique guideway that allows buses to travel on their own tracks at high speed, as well as independently. Imagine B-line buses on SkyTrain tracks, driving off at either end! (Except Adelaide's system doesn't actually leave the ground.)

Both cities are just as beautiful, i think vancouver lacks in weather and in coastal scenary (sydney has beaches) but vancouver does have a lovely harbour and it does make up in other areas."

viernes, agosto 19, 2005

Revalida para profesionales en sistemas

The ICT profession in Australia is not regulated by law, and there are no formal minimum requirements for employment. Employers generally make their own assessment of a prospective employee's qualifications and experience, although membership of a professional organisation is given preference by some employers.

In Australia the normal route to becoming an ICT professional is to complete an approved Australian higher education course in ICT or to gain an approved ICT qualification through the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. This includes Technical and Further Education (TAFE) colleges and private providers. Many of these courses can be completed through part-time study. The normal entry requirement is completion of twelve years of schooling in Australia or its overseas equivalent. Entry to a university course also requires twelve years of schooling and a good result in the State or Territory Year 12 award (Higher School Certificate or its equivalent).

Overseas qualifications are assessed by ACS to determine if they are comparable to an Australian qualification. AEI-NOOSR’s Country Education Profiles are used in most cases for this process.

If you have limited or no recognised qualifications in ICT but you have extensive experience in ICT together with extensive supporting professional development education, you may
apply to ACS for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

In some cases, it may also prove helpful to obtain an educational assessment from AEINOOSR. potential applicants should refer to the current Procedures Information Manual on the ACS web-site.

jueves, agosto 18, 2005

Informe Sobre Las Migraciones En El Mundo

Comunicado de prensa, No. 882: Ginebra: "Segun el Informe sobre las Migraciones en el Mundo en 2005, que sera presentado hoy por la Organizacion Internacional para las Migraciones (OIM), muchas de las preocupaciones en torno a la migracion, es decir, la perdida de empleos, los bajos sueldos, mayores gastos en la seguridad social y la creencia de que la migracion es una espiral totalmente fuera de control no solo son exageraciones y hechos infundados sino que ademas son contrarios a la realidad. "

martes, agosto 16, 2005

Trabajo Remunerado en Australia

Una buena opcion para estudiar y trabajar en Australia:

"International House Queensland, conceptuado curso de ingles con filial en Brisbane y Cairns, en el renombrado Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, especializado en cursos Tecnicos y Vocacionales, tienen el placer de anunciar exclusividad en Pasantias remuneradas junto con la Agencia Australiana de Internships.

Las pasantias son garantizadas y Remuneradas, y estan disponibles en diversas areas de la Industria de Hospitalidad en compaias Australianas, y departamentos de gobiernos. Con eso, el participante tendra facil acceso a organizaciones que ofrecen oportunidades de entrenamiento profesional remunerado, ademas de adquirir experiencia de trabajo en Australia. Tanto la International House, o el Brisbane TAFE, son largamente experimentados en ayudar personas de todo el mundo a alcanzar sus objetivos profesionales. Uno de los puntos positivos de las Pasantias, y que pueden ser hechos en las principales de Australia, a gusto del candidato."

domingo, agosto 14, 2005

State Territory Nominated Independent (STNI)

The Victorian Government sponsors migrants with skills that are listed on Victoria's Skills in Demand list. STNI provides permanent residency in Victoria, including Melbourne, and has the following features:

* Priority visa processing
* Exemption from the work experience requirement for eligible international students who have recently graduated from an Australian university or Technical and Further Education (TAFE), and
* Only a 70 point DIMIA Pool Mark is required.

To be nominated by the Victorian Government under the STNI Scheme or SM Scheme means that you accept certain obligations.
Obligations for both schemes are outlined in full in the State Nomination Application Form that you are asked to complete by the Victorian Government’s SMP and include:

* requirement to live and work in Victoria, Australia, for at least two years. This does not include studying.
* agreement to complete four surveys (refer to attachment A): one on arrival in Victoria; the second six months after arrival, the third 18 months after arrival and the final 24 months after arrival. These surveys ask about where you chose to live and why, your employment status and your contact details. A sample of the ‘On Arrival’ Settlement Assistance Survey is in Attachment A
* informing the SMU of your contact details for at least two years after arrival so the surveys can be sent to you
* informing SMU when you will be arriving in Victoria, as well as whether you need employment assistance.

martes, agosto 09, 2005


Visitas > Tabajo Temporal > ESTANCIA LARGA NEGOCIOS (457): "Proposito de la visa
Esta visa permite la estancia temporal a personas y sus familias que han sido patrocinadas por una organizacion australiana para trabajar en Australia temporalmente (hasta 4 años). La visa tambien permite la entrada temporal de personas que desean establecer u operar un negocio en Australia y, algunos otros propositos relacionados con empleo. Detalles mas extensos pueden obtenerse en ingles"

jueves, agosto 04, 2005

Desempleo en los immigrantes es 3 veces mas alto que el promedio.

"The general consensus of opinion expressed at the forum was that this current recession was having a significantly detrimental impact upon Non English Speaking Background (NESB) people with some ethnic communities experiencing unemployment rates of up to three times the average. This can be attributed to the fact that both male and female immigrants tend to be concentrated in the manufacturing and construction industries, both of which have suffered high job losses over the past decade. Also the industrial restructuring that has taken place during this time has resulted in a shift away from specifically employing NESB migrants.

Many mature aged NESB people, once they have been made redundant, experience both language and cultural barriers as they try to access vital welfare services to which they are entitled. Some women for example are unaware that they can claim Family Allowance Supplement even though their husbands are still working. "

martes, agosto 02, 2005

Queensland Immigration Transit Accommodation

El estado de Queensland, ha establecido un albergue para recibir a los immigrantes durante los primeros dias de estadia. Las instalaciones estan ubicadas en Burpengary, cerca de Brisbane.

El sitio esta originalmente diseñado para albergar a immigrantes, por periodos cortos de tiempo, generalmente menores a una semana.

Para mas informacion, vease el comunicado de prensa acerca de Queensland Immigration Transit Accommodation